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I was introduced to Casa Orinda in the 80s, as a bus boy. I trained under Velva.  Each night a dinner.  I loved the half raviolis & half linguini, the capon picatta, the chicken Parmesan!  I feel the magnetism pulling me closer.  It's been 3 decades since I've had my favorite - Capon Avocado ( by Jairo Gomez ). I sure hope he passed along that recipe to his successor.   I can't hold out much longer.

The garlic bread on sundays!  The minestrone soup!  The gelato and mud pie. The ice in the men's bathroom!  The large fried chicken orders from Pink Floyd when they were on tour.  So many fine memories!   Everyone- ask for the Capon Avocado - maybe it will be on special.  See you soon

Julian White
San Francisco